• Farah El-Hefny

"10 Years Ago.."

Imagine this!

You’ve just finished your college studies and you’re off to venture in a whole new world.

We understand how intimidating life after graduation can be. You’re suddenly exposed to a huge spectrum of success stories all around you, and you’re yearning to be one yourself.. But you have no clue where to begin.

Being part of the creative industry is a tricky thing, you’re surrounded by enormous amounts of creativity and inspiration, but it’s really hard to have your own mark among tons of amazing talents.

As much as social media can be used to one’s own benefit, it definitely has its downfalls as well. One of the biggest tricks of social media is falling in the trap that what we see about a person’s life is the sole side of their real life. People tend to share their successes and accomplishments, no one would often share their moments of failure and struggle.

This is where the idea behind “Men 10 Seneen” came into the picture.. How about we give creatives a platform to share their past 10-year-journeys with aspiring and young talents that see them as role models. We wanted to create motivational and insightful digital content that viewers would relate to, content that would make them feel like they’re understood and heard. Khaled Elkammar's episode:

Muhammed Taymour's Episode:

Ahmed Tarek Bayoumi's Episode:

Ahmed Hayman's episode:

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