• Farah El-Hefny

The Power of 10 Years!

10 years that can make you everything you ever wanted to be.

10 years that can get you closer to your dreams..

Many creatives had no idea where they were heading 10 years ago. They were just as lost and clueless as anyone starting to enter the creative field.. But with the right amount of dedication and hard work, they believed in themselves well enough to get where they want to be.

We decided to interview 4 extremely inspiring artists and give them the chance to reflect on their past 10 year journey and share it with eager young people in the field.

Music Composer Khaled Elkammar, followed by Palme D’or winning producer Muhammed Taymour, Cinematographer Ahmed Tarek Bayoumi, and finally, the talented photographer Ahmed Hayman were the first season’s guests.

They each took us on a very insightful journey, sharing with us their moments of struggle and enlightenment, their moments of failure and hope, their moments of being lost and feeling accomplished. Delving deeper into the fact that they’re all human.

Take a moment and reflect..

Where were you 10 years ago?

Where did you think you’d be now?

What would you tell yourself 10 years ago if you had the chance to go back?

Where do you imagine yourself to be 10 years from now?

What are you doing now to get yourself there?

You too can begin your 10 year-journey now! Khaled Elkammar's episode:

Muhammed Taymour's Episode:

Ahmed Tarek Bayoumi's Episode:

Ahmed Hayman's episode:

Here’s some bonus content!

We asked the 4 guests what they would advise someone who’s just starting in the creative field. If you want to listen to their advice, make sure you check this video out:

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