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Hodana x Back to School | UNICEF Sudan

At Flink Studios, we feel extremely honored when our clients give us the chance to create things that matter to the world and help in leaving significant impact. It was our absolute pleasure this time to have UNICEF Sudan reach out to us to handle the post-production phase of an important project.

#Safe_Returns For the past two years, ever since Covid-19 hit the world, schools had to close. After a wave of turbulent times, hope was slowly beginning to be restored. With the recent presence of Covid-19 vaccines, life is slowly going back to normal, so it was now time to safely return to school. Directed by Idreesy K, the music video focuses on multiple elements to promote the importance of going back to school safely. With captivating tunes and catchy lyrics, the video left kids with a strong longing for school. Maha Jaafar, UNICEF Sudan’s National ambassador was also part of the music video, singing some powerful lyrics in the song. Reviving old traditions The song mainly focuses on reviving a couple of traditional songs from the Sudanese heritage that parents used to sing as lullabies to their kids all the time, like هودنا، الثعلب فات، شليل وينو؟

Once upon a time.. What was totally mind-blowing and insightful to us was a story Idreesy K told us about the inspiration behind this song.. There was a very famous Sudanese singer called Mahmoud Abdelaziz, who right before his death, shared a video of another Sudanese man; Abdelaziz AbuSam, singing beautifully by a canal. Idreesy K was really captured by what he sang and decided to reach out to him and give him the opportunity to sing the ‘Hodana’ song and get featured in it.

Our personal favorite part!

Since UNICEF is all about children’s inclusivity, they included a deaf mute kid dancing along to the music’s tunes and signaling the lyrics to the camera in sign language. This part specifically really did appeal to us the most as it had so much meaning and emotion behind it. This project was definitely a culturally-induced experience. Director Idreesy K visited our office in Egypt to work alongside our video editor Aly Dahawy, who helped bring the director’s vision to life. Following a more playful approach, some minimal digital illustrations were added to the scenes, complementing and adding to the high-spirited essence of the video. Digital Illustrator Mariam Elreweny indeed did a great job with those!

After some final touches, the final cut was ready and thankfully, it captured everyone’s heart.

Fun fact: We still randomly find ourselves dancing along to the tunes of the song every now and then in our office!

You too can enjoy a glimpse of the Sudanese captivating culture through watching the full music video on:

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